Wellness Massages, Pilates

Treat yourself to a well-being break in your Sous Le Phare ecolodge with our partner Alexandra LECOMPTE from the SUNTULIT institute - "balance" in Sanskrit.

Californian full body massage - relaxing and energizing

Cranial massage - promoting restful sleep and acting on migraines

Seated Amma massage - practiced on a chair, for optimal and energizing relaxation

Prenatal massage - from the 4th month of pregnancy

Draining back or leg massage - allowing you to regain a feeling of lightness

Customized intuitive massage


Gentle gymnastics combining deep breathing and slow movements, which aims to strengthen the postural muscles to develop the body in a harmonious way.

– improves posture and sporting gesture
- maintains the body, limits pain and releases tension

60-minute session open to all 80 euros, up to 7 participants

        Information & Reservation with Alexandra LECOMPTE: (+33) 6 81 05 39 41