Environmental charter

Our commitments to sustainable tourism

Sous le Phare is a project designed in an approach that respects nature and the environment. We respect a certain number of commitments and will continue to progress over the years! 😉

The Garden
~ A circular orchard of around fifteen fruit trees was planted 🌳
~ The vegetable garden is created in permaculture, after training at the Trégor Ecocentre
~ We do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides throughout the park
~ Areas natural areas remain unmown to promote biodiversity (insects, birds, hedgehogs, etc)
~ Beehives are installed on the park area 🐝

LPO shelter 

~ Our ecolodges are a bird sanctuary. Here we protect nature. From 2024 we are proud to become an LPO refuge - Bird Protection League 🐦‍⬛ 

The Buildings 

~ The renovation of the buildings was only carried out by local companies
~ The oil heating of the Manor was replaced by a heat pump
~ All thermal insulation was done using Métisse insulation, recycled cotton labeled sustainable
~ The new generation radiators are low in energy consumption and equipped with presence detectors
~ All openings are double glazed
~ Installation of sub-meters allows monitoring of water and electricity consumption

The Lodges
~ Cleaning is only done with eco-responsible labeled products
~ The same goes for the products made available to you in the cottages (dishwashing liquid, shower gel, soap, etc)
~ Some of the tableware was found locally, at Passé composé in Paimpol
~ The cottages include alternatives to disposable packaging: water bottle to take with you for walks, storage boxes for picnics, etc.
~ For waste management, the kitchens include a bin for selective sorting of packaging, a bag for glass and a compost bucket ♻️

On the smokers' side, we are partners with Tchaomégot for the collection and recycling of cigarette butts. Pocket ashtrays are at your disposal, to exchange when they are full.

👉 And you too, participate in our approach during your stay!

-> Through your daily actions
~ Save water in the shower…
~ Turn off the lights before going out…
~ Do not throw any waste into nature and respect marked trails…
~ If you are a smoker, ask us for your Tchaomégot pocket ashtray!

-> By sorting your waste as much as possible
~ Paper, food cartons, plastic and metal packaging in the yellow bin
~ Glass bottles and jars in the green bin  
~ Fruit and vegetable peelings in the compost bucket (composters are available on the park or we manage it for you)

Thanks a lot !

Thank you to ADEME which supports us in financing our actions as part of our “Sustainable Tourism Fund” file